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Applying for an instant loan is easy. The term gives the loan seeker the impression that his application is processed immediately, ie without any delay. The best way to apply for an instant loan is via the Internet. Other formulations are express credit or a direct loan. In most cases, lenders are online banks as well as direct banks. They correspond with their customers exclusively online and offer additional telephone support by hotline around the clock.


The prepared input mask is filled in to apply for an instant loan

instant loan

The loan seeker is expected to provide information about himself, his financial and economic situation with income, assets and regular expenses. If the lender is a business partner of Schufa as a private credit agency, the Schufa clause must be signed or clicked. After the terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions have been accepted, the instant loan application is sent with a last click of the mouse. The answer to a basic yes or no also follows immediately by email, ie within a minute. The applicant therefore knows immediately whether his loan application is promising or whether he should apply for the instant loan from another bank or savings bank.

In order to apply for an instant loan, several very general requirements must be met. The applicant must be of legal age and legal capacity. He must have a permanent place of residence in Germany, maintain his checking account with a GrandMoney bank, and have a secure, regular income from work.

In terms of amount, this should be significantly above the garnishment exemption limit of around USD 1,050 for one person. For two people, it is just under USD 1,500. Applying for an instant loan also includes the Postident procedure. According to the KWG, the KWG, the bank must verify the identity of the applicant. When applying for a loan at the local bank branch, the customer advisor copies the passport or ID card of the loan seeker. This is not possible with an instant loan. Instead, the identity is determined by the postident procedure. An employee of SaversHea Finance confirms the identity of the applicant, who can identify himself on site, on a form provided by the online bank. The Postident procedure is free of charge.


Applying for an instant loan and paying out an instant loan

instant loan and paying out an instant loan

The applicant can actively help that his instant loan is processed quickly by sending all the necessary documents as directly as possible, ie immediately to the online bank. Faxing in advance can speed up the process. When applying for a loan, the loan seeker can already note with some credit providers that they do not want the immediate credit to be paid out by bank transfer, but in cash through SaversHea Finance.

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